Polyroom: The Coliving Revolution by Cutwork and Bouygues Immobilier

The Polyroom project by Cutwork is an innovative initiative in the field of coliving, developed in partnership with Bouygues Immobilier. This project is based on the design of prefabricated modular units, designed to meet the changing needs of users in terms of living and working space.

Table of Contents

Concept and Design of Polyroom

Polyroom is a prefabricated modular studio unit, designed by Cutwork for the coliving brand of Bouygues Immobilier. This concept reinvents compact and versatile space, establishing a new concept of a modern bedroom. These units are designed to be reconfigured to adapt to different activities and needs of the users. Cutwork has developed the entire interior concept for this new type of coliving, launched in 2021 by Bouygues Immobilier. Cutwork’s goal is to rethink the future urban era by designing cutting-edge spaces that reflect new ways of living and working.

Photographic work

I realized, in collaboration with Cutwork and Bouygues, a bespoke photographic report to highlight the uniqueness of this unit. With one key word: modularity!

gif animé projet PolyRoom par Cutwork

GIFs to Highlight Modularity

Alongside a more traditional architectural report, I also created many “stop motion” animations (animated GIFs) to illustrate the different possible reconfigurations of the interior space and its uses.

gif animé projet PolyRoom par Cutwork

The installation of the unit was also the subject of a dedicated photographic documentary, as well as the realization of product shots for the furniture elements delivered with the prototype.

gif animé projet PolyRoom par Cutwork

These pictures have been featured in several international publications: Dwell, Designboom, Wallpaper, …

Adaptability and Versatile Use

The Polyroom, a built prototype of a studio unit, features a fully customizable interior and furniture. These elements have been designed to be reconfigured for different uses, thus opening up a new range of possibilities in a compact space. This adaptability is essential in the concept of coliving, where spaces must be flexible and multifunctional to meet the diverse needs of residents.

Services and Sustainability

The project focuses on providing all-inclusive services, capable of accommodating short, medium, and long-term stays. This approach includes defining the ideal ratios between private and shared spaces, multifunctional spatial programming, selecting materials, color palettes, and furniture, as well as the design strategy for expanding the brand across multiple sites. Bouygues Immobilier requested the development of these prefabricated modular construction units for its new brand, which is spreading across France. The project includes more than 15 sites and encompasses innovation research, complete interior design, schematics, prototypes of prefabricated blocks, feasibility studies, and more.

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