Les Caryatides, Guyancourt – France. Manolo Nuñez-Yanowsky

The building named “Les Caryatides” was designed in 1992 by the architect Manolo Nuñez-Yanowsky in Guyancourt, France, in the Villaroy district.

Caryatids being the name given to the women  shaped columns in ancient Greece, we can easily understand the name of the project from the photos.

Born July 22, 1942 in Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Manolo Nuñez-Yanowsky is a Spanish post-modernist designer and architect. He is the son of a Russian and a Spanish Republican imprisoned for seven years in the Stalinist Gulag. He graduated in history and archeology from the University of Barcelona, the city where he studied at the Adria Gual school of dramatic art, and was approved in architecture by the French government. Manolo Nuñez Yanowsky was also appointed a member of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of St. George in Spain.