With this photographic project I wanted to allow the spectator to find himself through the contemplation of the urban landscape. This landscape usually so negatively connoted as the population of cities continues to increase.

Through this project, I want to ask the following question: are we finally able today to stop and rediscover the value of what is right before our eyes? Can the current post-COVID context, the (partial) return of our freedom of movement, help us to take a fresh look at the city? While, for many of us, our environment has been limited for more than two months to the four walls of our apartment or our house, is it really necessary to fantasize the charms of somewhere else and to resign ourselves to leave the city and its nuisances?

If habit makes us unhappy, then the photographer’s job is to invite us, through his eyes, to reassess what we like, hate or – much more often – simply ignore.

The “Icons” series is a collection of architectural portraits – made in France, Denmark, Germany and Canada – where each building is abstract from its environment and immersed in an azure bath echoing my childhood memories on a small island in North America where the sea was an omnipresent backdrop. It is the juxtaposition of two monumentalities: that of the raw materials of the modern city (steel, glass, concrete) and that of the oceans and the sky.

From this confrontation will be born, I hope, a transformation of our collective gaze towards the city and its architectural incarnation. The composition of the works is inspired by the rules of photographic portrait taking the buildings as subjects; it thus seeks to bring out the singularity of each and everyone of them, as opposed to the urban continuum.