Skills and Services

My skills in architectural photography and the main services I offer to architects and building owners.

Skills and strengths

Architecture photography with a unique perspective

I am particularly sensible to clean lines, geometry as well as positive and negative space of architectural projects. I can put my expertise at your service to bring out the natural beauty of your projects.

My reports are aimed at demanding clients who want images that respect the uniqueness of their work and that set them apart from the competition.

Find on this page my latest architectural reports.

Interior & real estate photography

Are you the owner or communications manager of a luxury boutique, restaurant, hotel, or cultural establishment? My photographic services can help you reach out to an increasingly demanding clientele who is now on the lookout for the design and ambiance of your spaces.

Find on this page my latest interior and design reports.

High-performance equipment and techniques for serious photographic work

I mainly work with digital cameras (Sony Alpha 7III and Sony Alpha 7RII) which provides great versatility for image postproduction and speed in the delivery of your photos. I use several specialized lenses for architectural photography, such as Canon’s tilt & shift lenses, which provide unmatched image quality and vertical perspective correction when shooting.

Trained at the famous Gobelins School of Image, I won the architectural photography competition organized in 2018 by the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. I won the Unsplash Photographer of the Year award in 2017 and 2018 and had my first solo exhibition in 2019, at the Europia gallery, Paris. My work has been published in several specialist magazines and artistic publications.

Artistic sensibility

Apart from commissioned projects, I publish more personal photographic works whose main subjects are urban landscape and contemporary architecture.

In these more personal works, I explore the relationship between humans and architecture and their role in the realization of the modern city. I am particularly interested in the perception and stratification of the different architectural stylistic currents in public space.

My latest artistic series can be viewed on this page.


A simple and transparent service offering

Contact me to explain your needs, and I will provide a simple and fully detailed quote. This way, you can manage your budget and understand exactly what you are paying for.

Photographic reports

My reports help architects and building owners who want to promote their projects while controlling their communication budget and getting the photos they really need.

Whether you want to document an ongoing or completed project, gain visibility in the press and the web, or attract the best skills to your agency, communication is not a trivial act and crisp, original images are absolutely necessary.

Promotion of your architectural works on my social networks

My Instagram account @chatelp, specialized in architecture and on which I publish my work, has more than 14,000 subscribers who are passionate about architecture: potential clients, institutions, journalists, media, … I can integrate my networks into your communication plan.

Sale of existing images from my catalog

Are you a journalist or have architectural illustration needs for a print or online publication? I have a large catalog of existing architectural images from several countries that can be used for illustration purposes. Contact me to obtain access to my online catalog and usage fees.